Thio-Sul Product


  • Helps improve nitrogen use efficiency
  • Combats citrus greening
  • Improves phosphorus uptake when applied in the same retention zone
  • Can be applied through most irrigation systems
  • Easy to mix and handle, and compatible with most liquid fertilizers​
  • 12-0-0-26S

Trust The Original

As the originators of the first ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer, we have extensive experience with the production and application Thio-Sul. Decades of trial data and customer successes have made of Thio-Sul the most popular sulfur-containing liquid fertilizer used today.

Sulfur is the fourth most essential nutrient for healthy crops following nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Thio-Sul, the original ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer supplies a higher level of sulfur than all other clear liquid fertilizer on the market. Furthermore, Thio-Sul also provides immediately available nitrogen that is essential to plant growth and development. Both of these nutrients play crucial roles in the production of chlorophyll and amino acids in healthy crops.

Nitrification Inhibition Rectangle Large

Prevent Nitrogen Loss

In addition to its sulfur and nitrogen benefits, adding Thio-Sul to urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution is a cost-efficient and highly effective way of reducing nitrogen loss. Thio-Sul has nitrification inhibition properties that slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, in turn reducing the chances of nitrogen leaching and denitrification. Thio-Sul can also improve soil structure in high pH soils, enhance water infiltration, assist in breaking down previous crop residues, and enhance nitrogen uptake for the crop.

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