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Prevent Nitrogen Loss

Learn how by adding Thio-Sul to your liquid nitrogen blends, you can both protect against nitrogen losses as well as provide essential sulfur your crops need to thrive.


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Learn more about specific crop nutrition.


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Meet Our Agronomists

Meet our highly educated and experienced agronomists who are positioned to provide growers with expert guidance and product knowledge that is specific to their location in the U.S.


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Sustainability and stewardship are our business model. 


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  • Cotton Field

    How to Boost Cotton Lint Yields with KTS

    Recent research studies conducted in collaboration with Texas A&M University have shown positive results to using KTS® in-season to meet potassium (K) needs of cotton. Application methods evaluated include side-dress coulter applications, side-dress applications through sub-surface drip irrigation and foliar applications. When using KTS in a...
  • Agronomist with Sprinklers

    Blending KTS with UAN

    Mixing any liquid potassium source, including KTS®, with an UAN solution will form potassium nitrate, KNO3. Due to KNO3’s low solubility, precipitation will occur causing the need for water. There is a limited amount of KNO3 that can dissolve in a specific amount of water at any given temperature level. In colder environments, KNO3 is less soluble.
  • Potato Field

    Necessary Nutrients for Potatoes

    Potatoes need calcium and potassium. Without adequate supply of these nutrients, growers could experience shrink and physiological problems. To ensure good-sized, healthy potatoes from planting through storage, growers should consider two products: KTS® and CaTs® . KTS, potassium thiosulfate, is the highest analysis liquid potassium and sulfur...
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Crop Vitality, Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing crop life through innovation, research, and the development of Tessenderlo Kerley fertilizers. Our diverse product portfolio addresses the challenges of modern agriculture by combining essential nutrients to improve soil health, increase water infiltration and maximize nutrient uptake.