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Responding to a World Hungry for Sustainable Solutions

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050. A global technology boom in agriculture is increasing efficiencies in water use and demand for high efficiency liquid fertilizers and effective crop protection.

Crop Vitality products deliver demonstrated value to growers who are trying to maintain financially successful enterprises on the same land that has belonged to families for generations.

Farmers are still the best stewards of the environment and the most vigilant conservationists. They know and respect the value of their land. So do we. That’s why Crop Vitality is committed to delivering products that are kind to the land, effective for crops, efficient in terms of water use, and beneficial for the grower when higher quality crops generate greater return on investment.

Sources of Sulfur with Badges

Upcycled Sulfur

Tessenderlo Kerley excels in upcycling sulfur for the agricultural market.

Our fertilizers leverage this high value sulfur to support crops in:

  • formation of chlorophyll
  • protein production
  • synthesis of oils
  • activation of enzymes
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Soil Health Stewardship


More than seven decades after our company’s founding, the cornerstone of our business philosophy remains the same: to produce environmentally conscious products in a responsible and safe manner that protects our communities, customers and employees. 

At our facilities, we constantly look for ways to lower our environmental impact, investing in green energy and water conservation projects, and increasing operating efficiency by utilizing recycled and lower-impact raw materials in our finished products.

Crop Vitality’s products include non-hazardous, pH-neutral, water-clear liquids that provide readily available plant nutrition with significant environmental benefits, including irrigation water conservation, nitrogen loss reduction and strong crop drought resistance.

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4R Nutrient Stewardship

Crop Vitality provides crop nutrition tools that allow growers to be sustainable stewards of their fields. Delivering nutrients to plants at the right rate, time and place, and from the right source, is vital to crop yield and quality.

Learn more about how Crop Vitality products play a primary role in sustainable agriculture from agronomist Mike Troutman.

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