Major 90 Badge with Tomatoes


  • Provides a high analysis, granular source of elemental sulfur that is applied as a soil amendment and for crop nutrition
  • When soil pH is high, MAJOR 90 is used to lower the soil pH to levels that are optimal for crop growth by increasing the nutrient availably
  • The granular shape of MAJOR 90 allows for convenient blending with other similarly sized fertilizers
  • In calcareous soils, MAJOR 90 helps improve the soils physical properties by dissolving calcium carbonate and freeing up calcium
  • 0-0-0-90S

Your All Round Organic Sulfur Solution 

Sulfur is the fourth most essential nutrient for healthy crops following nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. MAJOR 90™ is a high analysis, granular-shaped, Sulfur fertilizer utilized for crop nutrition as well as a soil amendment. Applications of  MAJOR 90 will improve soil Sulfur levels as well as help lower soil pH and increase nutrient availability. 

The unique spherical shape of MAJOR 90 makes it ideal for blending with other solid N, P, K fertilizers. Additionally, the bentonite clay incorporated in each MAJOR 90 granular absorbs moisture and finely divides the elemental Sulfur into small particles that convert into plant-available sulfate Sulfur by soil microbes. 

Watch How MAJOR 90 Works

MAJOR 90 OMRI and CDFA Logos
MAJOR 90 is OMRI-listed for use as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment.


MAJOR 90 is registered Organic in the state of California, by CDFA as an organic input material.


OMRI® is a registered trademark of Organic Materials Review Institute.