CaTs Product


  • Conditions soils by leaching harmful salts and improving water infiltration
  • Does not contain nitrogen or chlorides, but can be tank mixed with UAN or liquid urea
  • Improves the ​density, firmness and appearance of fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Extends crop storability and shelf life
  • Can be applied through all types of irrigation systems

Harvest the Value

Calcium and Sulfur are critical nutrients for healthy plant growth. In fact, calcium is a major component of cell walls and often associated with higher fruit quality. The combination of calcium and Sulfur in a readily available form provide the structural building blocks that are necessary for ensuring a healthy crop.

CaTs is a 100% soluble form of calcium and Sulfur that is able to both quickly and efficiently displace salts from the root zone, improve water filtration and help to reduce ammonia loss from urea. The American Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) recognizes CaTs as a “nitrogen stabilizer” due to its ability to reduce nitrogen volatilization.

Use CaTs to optimize what water you have and make your water work as hard as you do.