N-Sure Product


  • Ensures superior coverage and nitrogen absorption into the leaf’s tissue
  • N-Sure’s Triazone nitrogen resists leaching, which allows for better plant absorption
  • Delivers excellent stability and is compatible with many crop protection products
  • Provides a slow release of nitrogen for up to 10 weeks in the soil
  • Can be easily applied through all types of irrigation systems
  • 28-0-0

Slowly Release Nitrogen

N-Sure is a safe, versatile, high analysis nitrogen fertilizer that provides two modes of plant uptake due to the unique chemistry of Triazone™  nitrogen. When applied to soils, N-Sure supplies Triazone™ nitrogen which is slowly released through microbial activity due to the ring structure of the triazone molecule. This is similar to the way traditional “organic” fertilizers become plant available after application. As a foliar, N-Sure acts as a humectant, keeping the surface of leaves moist for a longer period of time allowing for direct uptake of the triazone molecule into the leaf tissue. N-Sure can be mixed with UAN solution in any ratio to provide four different forms of nitrogen.