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Looking to Prevent Nitrogen Loss? Start Blending

  • Why am I losing Nitrogen?

    While weather and soil type will always be a factor, a percentage of nitrogen will ultimately be lost through nitrate leaching, denitrification and ammonia volatilization.

  • Why does Nitrogen matter?

    ​​​​​​Growers can miss out on their crops’ yield potential if they are losing nitrogen.

  • How do I prevent Nitrogen loss?

    Additional inputs of nitrogen can get expensive, so we suggest you slow down the nitrification process by adding Thio-Sul to your blend



The Answer is in the Blend

Why Thio-Sul?

  • Thio-Sul is listed the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) as a nitrification inhibitor.
  • Thio-Sul improves nitrogen performance by slowing the rate of nitrification. The product has been shown to increase the amount of residual ammonium in the soil four weeks after the fertilizer application.
  • By adding Thio-Sul to your liquid nitrogen blends, you can both protect against nitrogen losses as well as provide essential sulfur your crops need to thrive
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