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Looking to Prevent Nitrogen Loss? Start Blending

  • Why am I losing Nitrogen?

    While weather and soil type will always be a factor, a percentage of nitrogen will ultimately be lost through nitrate leaching, denitrification and ammonia volatilization.

  • Why does Nitrogen matter?

    ​​​​​​Growers can miss out on their crops’ yield potential if they are losing nitrogen.

  • How do I prevent Nitrogen loss?

    Additional inputs of nitrogen can get expensive, so we suggest you slow down the nitrification process by adding Thio-Sul and/or KTS to your blend.



The Answer is in the Blend

Watch How Thio-Sul and KTS Blends Help Protect Your Nitrogen.

Why Thio-Sul and KTS?

  • Are listed as nitrification inhibitor.
  • Improves nitrogen performance by slowing the rate of nitrification. 
  • By adding Thio-Sul and/or KTS to your liquid nitrogen blends, you can both protect against nitrogen losses as well as provide essential sulfur your crops need to thrive.
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