Research Reveals Greater Value in Thio-Sul

Decades of research makes it clear: Thio-Sul, the original ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer gives value far beyond nitrogen and sulfur.

When mixed with other fluid fertilizers, such as UAN or APP, and applied to the soil in concentrated fertilizer bands, Thio-Sul can enhance micronutrient availability. It also inhibits nitrification and improves phosphorus availability.

Thio-Sul is compatible with most fluid NPK sources, oxidizes more rapidly than elemental sulfur and has higher analysis than other fluid sulfur sources.

Typically, growers use Thio-Sul for the high quality sulfur. However, the story does not end there. Years of research has revealed that the product can provide many other benefits as well.

​Thio-Sul improves Micronutrient Availability

Because Thio-Sul is a reducing agent, it can improve the availability of iron and manganese in the soil. As an acidifying agent, it works through oxidation by soil microbes. When Thio-Sul is fully oxidized, nitric and sulfuric acids are produced in the soil, making other nutrients available for plant absorption and utilization.

Thio-Sul enhances Nitrogen Performance and Efficiency

Thio-Sul improves nitrogen performance by slowing the rate of nitrification. The product has been shown to increase the amount of residual ammonium in the soil four weeks after the fertilizer application. Research has shown adding 5 percent Thio-Sul by volume to UAN or UAN-APP mixtures slowed ammonia loss by more than 60 percent. Thio-Sul should not be seen as a replacement for nitrification inhibitors, but research has shown Thio-Sul can enhance the performance of those products.

Thio-Sul increases Phosphate Availability

Research has shown that banding Thio-Sul with phosphorus can improve phosphate uptake by crops. In a study from Canada on alkaline soils, barley and rapeseed showed an increased response to phosphate when either a MAP solution or Thio-Sul were banded. However, the response was even greater when they were banded together.

Thio-Sul is not just a great nutritional additive. It can add significantly to the efficiency and efficacy of a grower’s nutrient program — and help crops reach their full genetic potential.