Preparing Future Agricultural Professionals: Dr. Lemings Guest Speaks at OSU

Crop Vitality Agronomist Guest Speaker at OSU

In April 2023, Elizabeth Lemings, Ph. D, had the opportunity to visit Oklahoma State University as a guest speaker to the Plant and Soil Sciences Professional Development class. This is a class of graduate students currently pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees in crop and soil science. Each week, the faculty invite outside speakers to present to the class on their current career, take questions, and provide advice to the group based on their own experiences. This class is designed to cultivate interest in various career paths after graduate school and help each student better define their career goals. Speakers range from all areas of agronomic science employment including extension educators, assistant professors, and private industry professionals. Elizabeth enjoyed visiting with the group recalling that she was once in that same class not long ago. When asked what her biggest advice would be to students today, she said “Always ask questions and take advantage of every opportunity in graduate school and beyond to learn and grow.” She said it was a great way to interact with the next group of young graduates and educate them about working in the private industry and the opportunities that are available beyond academia.

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