Newly sprouted soybeans

K-Row 23® In-furrow Applications in Corn and Soybeans

Newly sprouted soybeans

Our product K-Row 23 is a liquid sulfur and potassium source that is proven to be seed safe even on sensitive crops like soybeans, making it a great product for your in-furrow starter applications.

Data from South Dakota State University has demonstrated K-Row’s seed safe quality. Illustrated in Figure 1, K-Row 23 resulted in significantly less germination damage compared to other starters like 10-34-0 and 9-18-9.

By applying fertilizers in-furrow, growing plants have more immediate access to the nutrients they need. Supplying crops with essential K and S right away can be especially critical if we have cooler planting conditions when nutrients like S may not be as readily available.

K-Row 23 has an analysis of 0-0-23-8S and can be applied in-furrow at 1-4 GPA in corn and soybean-based on a 30-inch row spacing. It can also be blended with ammonium polyphosphate and applied in-furrow for a nutrient-packed starter blend. Be sure to check out our application guide for more information on recommendations and blending with 10-34-0.

Research trials conducted throughout the Midwest have also shown that adding K-Row 23 into your starter program can boost yields in both corn and soybean. On average, K-Row 23 increases soybean yield by 2-4 bushels per acre, and in some cases even more. These results varied depending on the product rate applied, soil moisture, and other field conditions (Figure 2). This emphasizes the importance of and response to early applied K and S in these cropping systems.

With today’s input cost and market pricing, make sure your crop is positioned to have the best return. Consider adding K-Row 23 to your starter program this spring for an early boost in the right direction. Contact our specialists for more information.

Written by Dr. Elizabeth Lemings, Crop Vitality, Tessenderlo Kerley Agronomist

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  • K-Row 23 Germination Sensitivity Study Conducted at South Dakota State University.
    Figure 1

    K-Row 23 Germination Sensitivity Study Conducted at South Dakota State University

  • K-Row 23 Soybean Trials
    Figure 2

    Average Soybean Yield Response to Various Rates of K-Row 23 in the Midwest.