To optimize apple orchard production, modern solutions to enhance soil fertility and promote tree health is key. Crop Vitality’s liquid fertilizers offer a tailored approach for supplying essential nutrients, fostering robust growth, and ultimately boosting apple yield and quality.

Our Crop Vitality portfolio of liquid fertilizers can address an orchard’s nutrition needs. Our line of products provides essential macro and micro nutrients including nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, and calcium. These nutrients play crucial roles in various physiological processes, from root development to fruit maturation.

Liquid fertilizers make a great fit in many orchards under drip irrigation and microsprinklers. Fertilizer can be injected directly to the rootzone so the tree can utilize the nutrition efficiently and at the right time.

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    Nitrogen (N)

    Nitrogen applications in orchards is a delicate balance. It is an essential nutrient that influences fruit quality and yield. Too much nitrogen at the wrong time can result in unfavorable conditions for a high yielding apple crop. Therefore, following the principles of the 4R’s of nutrient management (Right rate, source, time, and place) is essential. Nitrogen should be applied to ensure an adequate N supply during growth and development.

    To apply through the irrigation systems, N-Sure can be blended with another nitrogen source like urea solution or UAN-32 to provide readily available N with the slow-release nitrogen from N-Sure. N-Sure can also be applied via foliar applications at first full leaf and with fungicides and insecticides to supply smaller amounts of N directly to the leaf tissue.

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    Potassium (K)

    Potassium plays a role in fruit quality and yield but is also important in regulating water, potentially reducing winter injury and mitigating drought stress.

    KTS and K-Row 23 are an excellent source of potassium for orchards. KTS provides both K and sulfur (S) in the thiosulfate form. Thiosulfate has been shown to help improve availability of nutrients like phosphorous and micronutrients like manganese, zinc, and iron when applied to the soil. It has also been shown to be an excellent foliar with applications beginning at first full leaf. K-Row 23 contains half  the sulfur compared to KTS. Allowing higher application rates and more flexibility in applications of K without acidification of the soil which could be beneficial in orchards with a pH of less than 7.

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Calcium (Ca)

Calcium is important in apples as it plays a role in developing strong cell walls. Having strong cell walls contributes to a higher apple quality including handling storage and reducing internal disease problems such as bitter pit. The timing of a calcium application is critical as is not a mobile nutrient within the plant. CaTs is a source of soluble calcium that is readily available to the plant. Timing calcium applications prior to bloom up to full bloom to the soil, ensures the roots have enough time to transport calcium to the forming fruit. CaTs is also an effective soil amendment for increasing water infiltration. Applications of CaTs in-season have been shown to improve the soil physical properties and improve water movement into the soil.

How Calcium Can Benefit Apple Growth.