Feed Your Crops The Right Nutrients

Nitrogen, the nutrient required in the greatest quantity by crops, and sulphur are vital to the growth and reproduction of healthy crops. They both serve as a major ingredient in chlorophyll and amino acids.

Adding Thio-Sul®, liquid ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer, to Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) solution is an economical and effective way to reduce nitrogen loss. In addition, Thio-Sul can improve soil structure in high pH soils, increases water infiltration, aids in breaking down previous crop residues, enhances nitrogen use by the plant and nitrogen uptake.

  • Nutrient deficient corn
  • Nutrient rich corn

Thio-Sul Product Details:

  • Helps improve nitrogen use efficiency
  • Delivers half oxidized sulfur and half reduced sulfur
  • Improves phosphorus uptake when applied in the same retention zone
  • Can be applied through most irrigation systems
  • Easy to mix and handle, and compatible with most liquid fertilizers
Before use, see the Thio-Sul product information guides below for handling and crop precautions, rate recommendations by crop, and timing of application.
Nutrients That Enhance the Quality of Your Crops