Feed Your Crops The Right Nutrients

N-Sure® supplies a stabilized form of nitrogen that slowly releases over several weeks when applied to the soil. As a foliar, N-Sure acts like a humectant, keeping the leaf's surface moist for a longer period of time, allowing the nitrogen and other nutrients applied to be absorbed.

N-Sure can be mixed with UAN solution in any ratio to provide four forms of nitrogen: nitrate, ammonium, urea and triazone-N. Triazone – N is a ring structure giving the nitrogen slow release properties.


  • Nutrient Deficient Strawberries
  • Nutrient Rich Strawberries

N-Sure Product Details:

  • Provides superior coverage and nitrogen absorption on the leaf tissue
  • N-Sure’s nitrogen resists leaching, allowing for longer period of time for the plants to absorb
  • Provides a slow release of nitrogen for up to 10 weeks in the soil
  • Compatible with many fertilizer solutions
  • Can be applied as a foliar, band, side-dress, or injected through irrigation systems
Before use, see the N-Sure product information guides below for handling and crop precautions, rate recommendations by crop, and timing of application.
Nutrients That Enhance the Quality of Your Crops