Feed Your Crops The Right Nutrients

CaTs® is a clear liquid fertilizer and soil amendment containing calcium and sulphur. It quickly and efficiently displaces salts from the root zone, improves water infiltration and releases additional nutrients for greater uptake.

Calcium and sulphur are two critical nutrients plants require for healthy growth. One of its primary responsibilities is holding together the cell walls of plants.

By using CaTs, 100% soluble form of calcium and sulphur that can be applied through most irrigation systems, crops receive a form of calcium and sulphur without adding excessive nitrogen.

  • Nutrient Deficient Limes
  • Nutrient Rich Limes

CaTs Product Details:

  • Conditions soils by leaching harmful salts and increasing water infiltration
  • Improves the density, firmness and appearance of fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Extends crop storability and shelf-life
  • Contains no nitrogen or chlorides, but can be tank mixed with UAN or liquid urea
  • Designated as a Nitrogen Stabilizer by the American Association of Plant Food Control Officials
Before use, see the CaTs product information guides below for handling and crop precautions, rate recommendations by crop, and timing of application.
Nutrients That Enhance the Quality of Your Crops