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MAJOR 90™: The All Round Sulfur Solution

Sulfur is the fourth most essential nutrient for healthy crops following nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. MAJOR 90™ is a high analysis, prill-shaped, Sulfur fertilizer utilized for crop nutrition as well as a soil amendment. Applications of MAJOR 90™ will improve soil Sulfur levels as well as help lower soil pH and increase nutrient availability.

The unique spherical shape of MAJOR 90™ makes it ideal for blending with other solid N, P, K fertilizers. Additionally, the bentonite clay incorporated in each MAJOR 90™ prill absorbs moisture and finely divides the elemental Sulfur into small particles that convert into plant-available sulfate Sulfur by soil microbes.


  • Lowers soil pH when applied properly
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Provides Sulfur for crop nutrition
  • Can free up calcium in calcareous soils
  • Unique spherical shape for blending with other solid fertilizers
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