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K-Row 23®: Seed-Safe Potassium & Sulfur

Germinating seeds rely on nutrients stored in the soil to provide vital energy for root growth. Cold soils can limit nutrient availability and uptake, as well as root growth. Meanwhile, potassium and sulfur deficiencies can severely reduce or delay plant growth, which in turn postpones maturity and impacts overall crop quality.

K-Row 23 delivers plant-available potassium and sulfur to supply crops with the nutrients they need when they need them the most. Our seed safe solution delivers potassium in-furrow to support early plant uptake and is an ideal starter fertilizer that helps protect young seedlings from environmental risks.


  • Supplies a seed-safe form of sulfur and potassium at germination
  • Offers a low salt-out temperature, critical for early season planting conditions
  • Enables greater exposure to nutrients as compared to other fertilizers or supplements
  • Can blend K-Row 23 with UAN and ammonium polyphosphate solutions (e.g. 10-34-0, 11-37-0)
  • Multiple application methods are available
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