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Trial on Plums – Valvidia (Badajoz), Spain

KTS® is a clear, chloride-free solution that features the highest potassium and sulfur content available on the market.

  • Boosts crop quality: improves consistency, protein content, crop color, sweetness and shelf life
  • High potassium delivers efficiency to ensure a better crop yield
  • Improves the assimilation of other nutrients present in the soil (phosphorus and other nutrients)
  • Liquid potassium and sulfur fertilizer without either nitrogen or chloride

Year: 2015
Cooperation with dealer: Fertiex
Type of application: fertigation
Parameters measured: size, colour
Base fertilization: 2000 kg/ha 4-2-8 + 23% organic matter
Variety: Angeleno
Goal: evaluation of size, colour and sweetness


250 kg/ha
250 kg/ha
  • Application by fertigation
  • Treatment timing: at fruit maturation
  • Water quality: n.a. but in the area high quality irrigation water
  • Soil analysis: n.a. but the area has slight acidic soil (pH~6)
  • Foliar analysis: NA


Yield: an increase of 1.4 t/ha was observed with thiosulfates applications.
Cost benefit: an increase of 1.4 t/ha with T1 did represent an extra income of $6.466 USD for the farmer.



This farmer was worried about the quality of his plums. He had already reduced the amount of nitrogen and uses SOP based fertilizers after stone hardening. At the same time he had problems with obtaining a full color. With KTS® he takes it all. Next season the target is reduced the 0-0-10 and increase KTS® amount looking the best nutrient use efficiency.


KTS Plum Trial Spain 2018.pdf

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