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Trial on Oilseed rape – Belarus

Thio-Sul® is a clear liquid ammonium thiosulfate solution that helps to increase yields by satisfying the essential need of crops for nitrogen and sulfur.
  • Mixed with your nitrogen solutions, this is an effective and economical way of reducing nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatization and slowing down nitrification
  • 100% compatible with N solutions including UAN and liquid manures
  • Liquid fertilizer without chloride
  • Delivers sulfur in 100% liquid form

Year: 2019
Cooperation with: Republican Scientific Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise “The Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry”
Type of application: soil application
Parameters measured: yield, nitrification and volatilization
Variety: MERCEDES F1 by Rapool
Goal: Ammonium sulfate + Urea vs Thio-Sul + UAN32


Before seeding application for all trials: N-30.3 P-70.5 К -120 (all kg/ha)


​Urea + Am. S. ​UAN 32 + Thio-Sul 25% ​UAN 32 + Thio-Sul 25% ​UAN 32 + Thio-Sul 30% ​UAN 32 + Thio-Sul 25%
​N-188 S-60 ​N-169 S-33​N-190 S-38 ​N-191 S-48 ​N-190 S-38
2 applications  ​2 applications​3 applications ​ 2 applications​2 applications



Sulfur from Thio-Sul performed better than sulfur from ammonium sulfate. A high proportion of the sulfur in the sulphate form (SO4) from ammonium sulfate was leached. The thiosulfate form of sulfur is more efficient for plants. The effect is particularly prominent on soils with high sulfur content.
With almost twice as much sulfur supplied as ammonium sulfate, less yield was obtained compared to those plots with thiosulfates application.
The effect on nitrification and volatilization inhibition from thiosulfates also had an impact on yield compare to plots with UREA treatments.


Thio-Sul Rapeseed Trial Belarus 2019.pdf

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