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Trial on Potatoes – Scotland, United Kingdom

GranuPotasse® provides one of the mildest forms of the important plant nutrient, potassium, along with sulfur. 

  • Contains a minimum of 50% K2O (41.5% K) and typically 45% SO3 (18% sulfur)
  • Ensures optimum uptake of both potassium and sulfur (as sulfate)
  • Equal performance in alkaline or acidic soils
  • Virtually no chloride
  • Extremely low salt index
  • A nitrogen-free source of potassium

Year: 2019
Cooperation with: Glasson
Type of application: soil application
Parameters measured: yield and dry matter
Variety: Gemson
Goal: Study the effect of replacing MOP by SOP in seed potato


Soil application
300 kg/ha K2O was applied in the spring. The standard practice is the application of MOP. MOP has been compared with Granupotasse.
300 kg/ha K2O broadcast have been applied on March 19, 2019 for the MOP and March 23 for the SOP.

​Yield ton/ha
Size 40-55 mm
​Total yield ton/ha ​Dry matter %
​MOP ​39.8 ​51.8 ​19.4
​SOP   46.6​​59.6​20.8


Higher yield with the application of Granupotasse and a higher dry matter content.
Treatment block: 600 kg Granupotasse/ha. Potassium form makes the difference.

MOP = £147/ha
Granupotasse = £300/ha


With an additional 6.8 ton/ha seed potatoes (40-55mm) and grower returns of £250/ton for seed potatoes, the grower makes £1,700/ha more by spending £153/ha extra cost. This will give an additional value of £1,547/ha (= 1,759 EUR/ha) extra revenue for farmer.


GranuPotasse Potato Trial UK 2019.pdf 

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