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Trial on Potatoes – Carolinensiel, Germany

KTS® is a clear, chloride-free solution that features the highest potassium and sulfur content available on the market.

P-Sure® is a clear (or light green) colorless liquid ammonium polyphosphate solution that helps increase yields by satisfying a crop’s essential need for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Year: 2019
Cooperation with: Agrarhandel Weser-Ems
Type of application: band dressing
Parameters measured: yield
Variety: Leila
Goal: Study the effect of starter-fertilization on seed potato production


KTS + P-Sure blends applied on clay soil via band dressing into seedbed during planting in addition to farmers fertilization plan.



Yield increased up to 22% by adding 20 kg P/ha via P-Sure (158 g/l N and 233 g/l P). With less P (10 and 7.5 kg/ha), the yield increase can be maintained at 21% and 18 % by adding 20-30 l KTS/ha. Even the single application of KTS led to 11 % more yield. The number of tubers is up to 13% higher than the control (very important for seed potato production).


KTS + P-Sure blends applied as starter fertilizer have a positive effect on yield by increasing the number and by raising the weight of tubers. Both effects are very much appreciated in any kind of potato production. Even a single application of KTS seem to be profitable.


KTS + P-Sure Potato Trial Germany 2019.pdf

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