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Directions for use K-Leaf®

  • To obtain the optimum fertilizer solution we recommend that K-Leaf® is first dissolved in a tank at least two thirds filled with water.
  • The dissolution time depends on the stirring technique used, as well as the quality of the water. Continuous agitation will speed up the dissolution of K-Leaf® considerably.
  • K-Leaf® is compatible with most other fertilizers within normal concentration ranges, except those containing calcium, which causes precipitation of gypsum (CaSO4). K-Leaf® is also compatible with most pesticides and fungicides for foliar application.
  • For all uses of K-Leaf®, we highly recommend the preparation of a trial mixture, to check compatibility prior to any large scale application.
  • Foliar sprays containing K-Leaf® should be applied during the evening or early morning when crops are in a turgid state.

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