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​GranuPotasse® for NPK blending

   For bulk blending, GranuPotasse® offers:

  • A large choice of formulae - GranuPotasse® is the ideal product for blending with other fertilizers, including Ammononium Nitrate, Urea, DAP and TSP. Combined with one or two other components, it offers a wide range of formulae, providing the grower with a fertilizer tailored to the specific needs of each crop and local soil conditions.
  • Ease of handling - consistent granulometry and lack of dust make GranuPotasse® easy to handle and mix with other granular fertilizers.
  • Excellent stability - GranuPotasse® is non-hygroscopic, stores well in bulk and has no harmful side effects, making it a product that can be blended with confidence.

granu for npk blending table 2.JPG