MagThio Product


  • Chloride-free solution
  • Enhances carbohydrate translocation and synthesis
  • Maximizes nutrient uptake and iron utilization
  • Compatible with many other crop nutrition solutions
  • Can be applied through all types of irrigation systems

The Versatile Magnesium Solution

Magnesium is most recognized as being the central atom in the chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium is critical to the photosynthesis process and is involved in many enzymatic processes within the plant. In addition, magnesium assists with phosphorus movement inside the plant. Plants with adequate levels of magnesium often have darker green leaf tissue due to high levels of chlorophyll. Without adequate magnesium, phosphorus mobility is limited and can result in slower growth.

MagThio is a clear, chloride-free liquid form of magnesium and sulfur. The combination of magnesium and sulfur in MagThio helps to deliver vital components to soil and crops and assists in correcting nutrient deficiencies.