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High Performance Slow Release Nitrogen


Probably the best Slow Release Nitrogen source, based on Triazone technology. Stable and superior nutrient absorption.
Suitable for all crops; particularly recommended for cash crops.



Key Benefits of N-Sure®

• N-Sure acts like a humectant, keeping the leave surface moist for a longer period of time, allowing the nitrogen and other nutrients applied to be absorbed.

• Probably the best source of SRN: patented Triazone technology provides slow/controlled N release with no leaf burning because its phytotoxicity is 0 (even at highly concentrated dose)

Detailed Product Benefits



  • Crop Yield
    • Reduces N loss – spoon feeding
      • Crop Quality
        • Helps promote uniform growth and healthy crop – spoon feeding
          • Soil balance
            • Low volatilization of Ammonia
                Water protector (no leaching into the ground)



              • Benefits of slow release
                • Increases foliar N absorption, translocation and remobilization
                    Delivers a normal nitrogen release pattern of 8 to 10 weeks when it is applied to the soil
                      N-Sure is a stable form of nitrogen that resists leaching and has reduced volatility
                      • Liquid Fertilizer Benefits
                        • Easy to handle and safe to use
                            Fully compatible with irrigation systems & doesn’t plug drip lines
                              Cost effective and environmentally friendly
                                Chloride free
                                • Nutrient uptake
                                  • It has more efficient absorption through the leaf than other nitrogen sources (Slower, sticky, rain resistant, less drift risk)

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