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High Performance, 100% Liquid Magnesium
+ Active Thiosulfate


A highly efficient source of Magnesium, essential nutrient for improving size and flavor of crops.
Suitable for all crops; particularly recommended for cash crops.



Key Benefits of MagThio®

• Delivers magnesium, the central constituent of the chlorophyll molecule in photosynthesis

• Aids in protein and carbohydrate synthesis

• Promotes the absorption and movement of phosphorus in the plant

• Participates in the activation of enzymes necessary for good plant development

Detailed Product Benefits



  • Crop Yield
    • Maximizes green coloration of the plant
        Improves the filling of fruits and grains
          Improves root growth helping the plant to have a better foliage development
          • Crop Quality
            • Improves size and flavor of the fruits
                Helps in the synthesis of protein and carbohydrates
                  Supports the formation of fat and oils
                    Increases the translocation of carbohydrates
                      Improves defenses to low temperatures and diseases
                      • Soil balance
                        • Can be used as a soil amendment (soil, leached, sandy and with high ratios Ca/MG)


                        FUNCTIONAL & TECHNICAL


                        • Active Thiosulfate Benefits
                          • Increases chlorophyll content
                              Assists the synthesis and function of enzymes and vitamins within the plant
                                Assists with plant resistance against fungus
                                • Liquid Fertilizer Benefits
                                  • Easy to handle and safe to use
                                      Fully compatible with irrigation systems & doesn’t plug drip lines
                                        Cost effective and environmentally friendly
                                          Can be mixed with KTS and other fertilizers
                                            Chloride free
                                            • Nutrient uptake
                                              • Immediate source of magnesium and sulfur
                                                  Aids in nitrogen fixation
                                                    Enhances nutrient uptake and iron utilization
                                                      It helps phosphorus move in the plant
                                                        It is an enzyme activator, propelling the photosynthesis process

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