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High Performance, 100% Liquid Calcium
+ Active Thiosulfate


A true multi-purpose fertlizer. Brings key readily available nutrients and can act as soil amendment.
Suitable for all crops; particularly recommended for cash crops.



Key Benefits of CaTs®

• Multipurpose: acts as soil amendment and brings key nutrients

• Boosts crop quality: consistency, crop color and shelf life

• Delivers 100% readily available calcium and sulfur

• Enhances crop health

• Liquid fertilizer without nitrogen or chloride

Detailed Product Benefits



  • Crop Yield
    • Enhances root growth
      • Crop Quality
        • Improves firmness of fruits and vegetables
            Improves cell structure
              Increases disease resistance
                Increases shelf life
                • Soil balance
                  • Balances the soil allowing better water infiltration
                      Improves soil structure
                        Stabilizes & solubilizes soil nutrients (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese)
                          Leaches out harmful salts

                        FUNCTIONAL & TECHNICAL


                        • Active Thiosulfate Benefits
                          • Increases chlorophyll content
                              Assists the synthesis and function of enzymes and vitamins within the plant
                                Assists with plant resistance against fungus
                                  Low salting out temperature
                                  • Liquid Fertilizer Benefits
                                    • Easy to handle and safe to use
                                        Cost effective and environmentally friendly
                                          Fully compatible with irrigation systems & doesn’t plug drip lines
                                            Chloride free
                                            • Nutrient uptake
                                              • Readily available source of Ca and S
                                                  Liberates soil nutrients

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                                                Our experts understand your crop’s needs and they are ready to design a tailor-made fertilization proposal for you, with your crop, soil, climate and practical requirements. They can also assist you with: technical information, laboratory analysis, fertilizer blends, application and storage guides.