More Nitrogen for Your Crops, Better Return on Your Fertilizer Investment

Accu-N and Xact N are two unique formulations to guard against nitrogen loss.

Accu-N is a formulation of DCD that keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form for approximately 4 to 10 weeks by delaying the activity of the Nitrosomonas bacteria:

  • Delays the nitrification process
  • Improves nitrogen retention and availability in the root zone
  • Reduces nitrate leaching and NO2 emissions from denitrification

Xact N is a unique formulation of NBPT that temporarily inhibits the urease enzyme in the soil, providing ample time for nitrogen to be dissolved or incorporated into the soil before converting to ammonia:

  • Protects against ammonia loss from surface-applied Urea and UAN
  • Temporarily reduces the activity of the urease enzyme and slows the rate of volatilization
  • Has little to no odor and is safer to handle than other formulations


  • Nutrient Deficient Corn
  • Nutrient Rich Corn

Product Details:

  • Guard against nitrogen losses to the environment
  • Keep more nitrogen in the root zone
  • Improve crop potential
  • Provide greater flexibility in timing of nitrogen applications
  • Improve overall nitrogen efficiency and ROI
Before use, see the Accu-N and Xact N product information guides for handling and crop precautions, rate recommendations by crop and application timing.
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