Feed Your Crops The Right Nutrients

KTS® is a clear, chloride-free liquid fertilizer with high potassium and sulphur content. Packed with two essential nutrients, KTS is what other potassium products would like to be – efficient and effective. Due to its high solubility, KTS is ideally suited for application via irrigation (fertigation). This allows growers to efficiently manage the crops nutritional requirements, as needed, to provide maximum productivity.

Potassium acts like a trucking system in the plant, moving carbohydrates from the leaves to the fruit, improving crop quality and yield. At the same time sulphur aids in the production of amino acids, proteins, oils and chlorophyll.

  • Nutrient Deficient Cotton
  • Nutrient rich Cotton

KTS Product Details:

  • Potassium and sulphur provided by KTS, improves the crops ability to cope with drought stress, disease resistance and nitrogen utilization
  • Ideally suited to provide these two nutrients as a “booster shot” to a fertility program or in cases where only a small amount is needed per acre, such as in a starter fertilizer
  • Easy to handle and can be tank mixed with many N and P liquid fertilizers, like UAN and ammonium polyphosphate solutions (10-34-0, 11-37-0)
  • May be applied through all types of irrigation systems
Before use, see the KTS product information guide below for suggested application rates, timing and product handling.
Nutrients That Enhance the Quality of Your Crops