Feed Your Crops The Right Nutrients

Germinating seeds rely on stored nutrients to help provide energy for root growth. In cold soils, root growth is limited and impacts nutrient uptake. Without potassium and sulphur, plant growth stops or is severely reduced. This can cause a delay in maturity and negatively impact yield.

K-Row 23® delivers plant available sources of potassium and sulphur in order to supply crops the nutrients they need. Having potassium in a starter will help protect young seedlings from cold damage.

  • Nutrient Deficient Soybeans
  • Nutrient Rich Soybeans

K-Row 23 Product Details:

  • Supplies a seed-safe form of sulphur and potassium at germination
  • Low salt-out temperature, critical for early season planting conditions
  • Allows more exposure to nutrients as other fertilizers or supplements
  • Can be blended with UAN and ammonium polyphosphate solutions (10-34-0, 11-37-0)
  • Blends of K-Row 23 can be acidified down to a pH of 5.8
  • Can be broadcast sprayed on the soil surface or banded between rows to help meet potassium and sulphur requirements
Before use, see the K-Row 23 product information guides below for handling and crop precautions, rate recommendations by crop, and timing of application.
Nutrients That Enhance the Quality of Your Crops